Currently Reading…

I am in between books at the moment. Looking to pick up either the latest from Mark Manson since I enjoyed his previous book, or possibly have fun with fiction and check out the prequel books to the A Song of Ice and Fire series.  Also looking forward to another Phillip Pullman book later this year!

Currently Watching…

I’m on the lookout for something new!

I love documentaries or really interesting TV series. Friends have told me to watch the Chernobyl series as well as Fleabag, so those will likely be the next ones I binge.


I love travel. For me travel is a great way to refresh, and to learn more about not only other cultures and histories, but it allows me to grow as a person and adapt to new situations.

Here is a cool shot from a trip last year to Baltinglass passage tomb Co Wicklow, where I got to fly a drone! (Thanks Neil Jackman!)



I enjoy learning about health. Whether it’s from a scientific and medical perspective, ways to eat healthier, or exercise and lifestyle changes. My favorite exercises are hiking, walking in beautiful scenery, or working on an excavation.

At the beginning of the year I completed PB Resolution,  a 12-week program balancing yoga and strength training as well as a meditation day. I’m a mentor with Bad Yogi. Through Bad Yogi there are free, short videos on YouTube (for beginners wanting to check out yoga), there is the Bad Yogi Studio (a monthly subscription), and there is the 8-week Perfect Body Yoga Program.

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I love music! Especially going to concerts and experiencing the power of live music. Though there are genres I have more of a preference for, I listen to all types of music and can appreciate art and talent when I experience it.