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Research and Publication

Past: The Newsletter of the Prehistoric Society, 87
A 3D View of Irish Heritage: The Megalithic Art Analysis Project
Virtual Systems and MultiMedia (VSMM)
MAAP Annotate: Archaeological Annotation Tool
Master’s Thesis
A Critical Appraisal of Research on Megalithic Monuments in North Africa
Archaeological Institute of America
Interactive Digs Student Notebooks for Achill Island
Trowel (UCD Archaeology Journal)
Editor – Trowel XVII
Editor – Association of Young Irish Archaeologists Conference Proceedings 2016-2017

Excavations and Monitoring

– Tully Church and High Cross: monitoring, excavation, testing, metal detecting, field walking
– Ticknick Park: Neolithic to modern settlement, fulacht, kilns/furnaces
– Cherrywood: Bronze Age habitation, 18th century farmhouse, burnt pits
– Blackpitts 2 (city centre): 16-17th century tanning pits and possible Dutch Billy houses
– Arbour Hill (city centre): monitoring

Achill Island
– Prehistoric field wall on Slievemore


– Thomas St.: skeletons and finds
– Sallins M7: finds, catalogue finds from test trench
– Cloghanumera: finds
– Ranelagh N61: animal bone

Digital Heritage

– Examined the application of augmented and virtual reality in regard to digital heritage at 3DCamp in Dublin. Demonstrated the archaeological annotation tool built by Johanna Barbier, as part of the Megalithic Art Analysis Project (MAAP), for the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headset.

– Explored the use of 3D objects in archaeological research at the Seeing Through Time workshop at UCD.


More models can be found on Sketchfab


Master of Arts in Archaeology, University College Dublin

Archaeological Field and Laboratory Techniques
– Perform basic project tasks using key pieces of archaeological equipment
– Establish a survey framework and execute drawings in the field
– Work in groups to manage and undertake a field or laboratory project and to present the results appropriately
Managing Landscape Heritage
– Appraise competing functional, cultural and aesthetic roles of landscape
– Demonstrate critical appraisal of the challenges to be faced in managing landscapes
– Evaluate and critically differentiate roles and positions of agencies and institutions in landscape management
– Review in detail the range of geoarchaeological evidence available for interpretation of ancient sites and landscapes
– Critically discuss various approaches, debates and current issues in geoarchaeology
– Discriminate between analytical approaches in geoarchaeology, assess appropriate strategies for a variety of archaeological situations, and assess the type of information generated
Irish Archaeological Landscapes
– Explore key Irish archaeological field monuments and examined how they relate to each other as part of archaeological landscapes
– Critically considered the management and presentation of archaeological landscapes in 21st Century Ireland
– Consider the relationship between research in archaeology, palaeoecology, folklore and other related discipines
– Considered how a rural community relates to their archaeological heritage
– Demonstrate understanding of key research challenges for archaeological landscapes in Ireland
Experimental Archaeology
– Understand the priniciples and practices of experimental archaeology
– Demonstrate awareness of project design, research questions, recording methods and reflection on results
– Work successfully in teams on an experimental archaeology project
Researching Prehistoric Archaeology
– Critical engagement with signficiant issues in the archaeology of the prehistoric past
– Effective presentation of review papers in seminars
– Effective participation in academic discussion

Photogrammetry Training

– Completed the Virtual Heritage Network Ireland workshop on photogrammetry techniques and software taught by Gary Dempsey from Digital Heritage Age.

Geophysical Survey Training

– Assisted UCD PhD student Susan Curran with her research on remote sensing to detect settlement patterns, and completed a geophysical survey using earth resistance on a medieval site in Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim.

Enamel Extraction Training, Cardiff University

Taught by Dr Rich Madgwick
– Performed enamel extraction for isotopic analysis on prehistoric pig molars from Navan Fort, Northern Ireland using microscope and Dremel diamond wheel cutter.

Introduction to Irish Archaeology, Achill Archaeological Field School

Excavation: Prehistoric field wall on Slievemore
– Survey and levels, archaeological drawings, sections, measurements, context sheets

Minor in Anthropology, Arizona State University

Cultural and Social Anthropology
Buried Cities and Lost Tribes
Bones Stones and Human Evolution
Comparative Religion
Doing Research in Anthropology