Here is some information on what I do…

I am what you would call a multipotentialite or multipassionate creative, meaning I enjoy learning and doing things I am excited about, rather than having regrets. This has led me to have experience in technology, archaeology, project management, journalism, and business.

I enjoy combining knowledge and skills from a variety of fields, and I am always happy to learn something new.


I have fallen in love with iOS development which is the field I work in now and where plan to continue to grow.

Previously, I built and updated websites employing UI/UX design techniques to help organizations showcase what they do in a responsive and user-friendly way.


I have worked on excavations and research projects, love learning about prehistory, and have a fascination with megalithic monuments. I especially enjoy working with new technologies as they are applied to archaeology.

I am still open to research, digs, etc. that fit into my schedule.


I have a variety of other interests, here is a bit about them and what I do for fun.